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Achieve unparalleled trading success with LeseUp, a leading trader-funded account company dedicated to help Futures Traders reach their goals.
Our premium funded trader programs and flexible plans come with the fewest rules and complete transparency about our methods. 
Embark on your journey to excel in Futures Trading and gain the tools and resources needed for success with LeseUp today!

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Our mission is to offer our clients simplicity, which is why we have a single rule: not to fall below the minimum balance set for each account type. Discover our LeseWallet and the advantages it brings.


Once your evaluation receives approval, you'll gain the ability to operate in real-time from any location, with complete independence. Begin steering your future today.


The first $10,000 in your performance account belongs solely to you. After that, you'll maintain 90% of the profits, with a small 10% share going to the company. We suggest looking at our payment scale for more information. Enjoy your benefits starting today.


Maximize Your Savings
• Enjoy up to 80% off on additional accounts – anytime!

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• No need to wait for a promo code

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• Benefit from Static Drawdown

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• RESET for performance accounts

Your Success is Our Main Objective

Experience LeseUp Membership Advantages

At LeseUp, our exclusive membership provides traders with cutting-edge tools that streamline their evaluation process. Enjoy a variety of benefits, including Static Drawdown on all evaluation accounts, the option to purchase additional accounts at up to 80% off without waiting for special offers, LeseUp Packages, Performance PA Account RESET, and more.

Enjoy the possibility of purchasing additional accounts up to 80% off throughout the month and at any time, without having to wait for special offers. purchase your additional accounts directly from your “LeseUp Membership”.

From our “LeseUp Membership”, purchase your evaluation account with Static Drawdown and optimize your trading strategy. Note: Not for ongoing accounts.

Lost Performance Account? Use Account Reset to bypass re-evaluation and start fresh. Take advantage of this offer and more trading benefits!

Within our “LeseUp Membership”, you purchase Packages, with which you can choose to have several evaluation accounts and thus be able to have a faster performance account. Note: Only one evaluation account is converted to a performance account.

Why Choose Us?

  • LeseUp empowers Futures Traders with a supportive community designed for trading success.
  • Flexible plans with minimal rules help traders achieve profit goals without unnecessary constraints.
  • 23-hour trading window from 6 PM one day to 4:59 PM ET the next day allows trading flexibility.
  • Proprietary funding program offers traders capital to trade without risking personal savings.
  • Join LeseUp and gain the tools and resources essential for Futures Trading success.

Trading platforms available for free with LeseUp

NinjaTrader is a trading platform with advanced tools for financial operators. It enables technical analysis, order execution, and automated strategy development. It stands out for its customizable interface, connectivity with multiple brokers, and wide variety of indicators. It's popular among active traders and is available in versions for both beginners and advanced users.

Mobile App


The Ninjatrader mobile application provides access to financial markets from your cellphone. It allows for technical analysis, real-time monitoring, order execution, and receiving notifications about market movements. It's a convenient tool for traders seeking to operate from anywhere, at any time.

Tradovate is a trading platform that provides users with access to financial markets through an intuitive interface and advanced functionalities. It allows for order execution, market analysis, position management, and access to a variety of technical analysis tools. It is a popular choice for traders seeking an efficient and customizable trading experience.

Mobile App


Tradovate's mobile application enables users to access financial markets from their mobile devices. It offers features such as order execution, position tracking, market analysis, and account management. It is a convenient tool for traders seeking agile and efficient operations while on the move.

TradingView is an online platform that provides advanced technical analysis tools, interactive charts, and access to a wide variety of financial markets. It allows users to visualize and share trading ideas, conduct in-depth analysis, and receive real-time alerts. It is a popular choice among traders and investors due to its user-friendly interface and advanced features.

Mobile App


The TradingView mobile application grants users access to financial markets from their mobile devices. It enables technical analysis, interactive chart visualization, market alerts, and access to a wide range of indicators and analytical tools. It is a valuable tool for traders looking to monitor and operate in the markets anytime and anywhere.

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