LeseUp evaluation and performance accounts, you can enjoy a Copy Trader for free, limited and incorporated in Tradovate.

To use the same, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the Tradovate Platform and enter the settings icon at the top right:
  • Inside the configuration page, click on the “Add -Ons” tab, then Activate the “Group Trade” function.
  • Once the “Group Trade” function is activated, you must log out and log in again to activate it.
  • Once the session has been restarted, go to the accounts drop-down menu and click on “Manage groups”.
  • On the right side of “Manage Groups”, click the “+” sign to create a Group, then give a name to the group you are going to create.
  • Once your group is successfully created, Click and drag the accounts you want in your Copy Trade, from the box on the left to the box on the right. You can adjust the number of contracts you want to copy.
  • Once your group is created, click on the “Save” button, verify that your group is created and click “Close”.
  • Created the group, you can see it in the accounts dropdown menu, click on the group you created.

NOTE: You can create multiple groups with different accounts and however you prefer.

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