Entry Level Accounts

In the dynamic world of financial trading, the quest for a reliable, budget-friendly, and efficient trading account is paramount. At LeseUp, we understand the diverse needs of traders, from novices taking their first steps in the markets to seasoned professionals seeking advanced trading tools and resources. Our commitment is to provide a versatile platform that caters to every budget and skill level, mirroring our ethos: “Every Budget Welcome.”

LeseUp Entry-Level Accounts: A Springboard for Aspiring Traders

Recognizing the hurdles that novice traders often face, LeseUp has crafted the Entry-Level Accounts. These accounts serve as a cost-effective springboard for individuals keen on mastering their trading strategies without the pressure of hefty financial commitments. Priced accessibly, our Entry-Level Accounts are designed to accommodate the aspirations of:

  • Beginners taking their initial steps in trading.
  • Individuals practicing new strategies.
  • Traders seeking lower monthly fees while maintaining the potential for payouts.

The LeseUp Performance Account: Where Skill Meets Opportunity

Upon qualifying for a Performance Account via an Entry-Level account, traders encounter a landscape ripe with opportunity. Our Performance Accounts are the battlegrounds where strategy, skill, and market acumen are put to the test, with the promise of tangible rewards for exceptional performance.

Payment Structure

Initial Payout Request:

If a trader requests $1,000, they will receive $500.
Payout Schedule:

For the first 4 months after qualifying with an Entry Level account, the payout is set at 50%.
Starting from the 5th month, traders earn 80% of all profits moving forward.
Account Qualification:

Embracing Transparency and Simplicity

At LeseUp, we believe in transparency and simplicity. Our Performance Accounts consist of simulated/virtual funds, providing a clear, risk-free environment for traders to test their mettle. It's crucial to understand that while the accounts operate in a simulated space, the market quotes are as real as it gets, sourced directly from liquidity providers.

LeseUp's diverse range of trading accounts is a reflection of our inclusive philosophy: “Every Budget Welcome.” We are committed to providing a supportive, educational, and competitive platform for traders of all levels. Our transparent pricing, comprehensive account options, and innovative Performance-Based Trading and Contests™ platform underscore our dedication to the growth and success of our traders.

Embark on your trading journey with LeseUp, where every budget is welcome, and every trader is valued.

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