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Platform Limitations, Market Data, Trading Platforms, and Copy Trader

  • Contract Limit: You can order up to 1,000 contracts per order. For group trading, the total contracts across all accounts combined should not surpass 1,000 for the order.
  • User-Initiated Actions Limit: A cap of 5,000 unique user-initiated actions is imposed per user for 60 consecutive minutes. These actions include placing a new order, modifying an existing order, and canceling an existing order. For group trading, each order placed on each account is regarded as a separate action. In case you hit this limit, please reach out to Tradovate support at support@tradovate.com with the subject “LeseUp Account – Request Limit Reset” and provide your Tradovate username and accounts that need to be flattened or contact them via phone or chat at Tradovate Support.
  • Visible Accounts Limit on Mobile Platform: You can view up to 5 accounts on the mobile platform.

Subscription plans for Market Data run from the first day of the month to the last, regardless of your registration or purchase date with LeseUp. Market Data must be bought and canceled directly through the Tradovate platform. The steps for Market Data acquisition are detailed here.

Trading Platforms Compatible with Tradovate

  • Tradovate Platform: Trade from any browser by visiting Tradovate and logging in with your LeseUp credentials. Connection instructions are here.
  • Tradovate Mobile: Trade from any mobile device (Android/iOS) by downloading the app from the Play Store or App Store and logging in with your LeseUp credentials.
  • TradingView Platform: Trade from any browser by visiting TradingView and logging in with your LeseUp credentials. Connection instructions are here.
  • NinjaTrader Platform: Trade from any browser by following the registration, download, and installation steps detailed here. Note, for iOS, you'll need a virtual machine. See the options for this below:
    • Option 1: Mac comes with a software called Parallels.
    • Option 2: Use open-source software VirtualBox from Oracle to run Windows 10 on a Mac.
  • NinjaTrader App: Trade from any mobile device (Android/iOS) by downloading the app from the Play Store or App Store and logging in with your LeseUp credentials.

With LeseUp evaluation and performance accounts, you can use a limited, free Copy Trader built into Tradovate. Please follow these steps to use it:

  1. Log in to the Tradovate Platform and click on the settings icon at the top right.
  2. Within the configuration page, select the “Add-Ons” tab, then activate the “Group Trade” function.
  3. After activating “Group Trade,” you need to log out and then log back in to enable it. Upon relogging, go to the accounts drop-down menu and select “Manage groups.”
  4. On the right side of “Manage Groups,” click the “+” sign to create a group, then give a name to the group you are creating.
  5. Once your group is successfully created, click and drag the accounts you want in your Copy Trade from the left box to the right box. You can adjust the number of contracts you want to copy. After setting up your group, click on the “Save” button, verify that your group is created, and click “Close.”
  6. Once your group is created, you can see it in the accounts dropdown menu. Click on the group you created. Note: You can create multiple groups with different accounts and set them up however you prefer.

Now, with the Free Copy Trader feature, you can simultaneously execute trades across all accounts within a group, helping to streamline your trading strategy and potentially increase your profit margins. Remember to review and manage your group settings regularly to ensure they align with your evolving trading tactics.


Evaluation Accounts & Rules

Evaluation Accounts operate under a straightforward principle – ‘Do not dip below the predefined minimum balance for each account type.' It is your responsibility to make sure your account balance does not go beyond the set stop loss for your account, and avoid trading over three micro contracts overnight.

To successfully pass the evaluation, you are required to trade for a minimum of ten days (days not traded are not included). To move forward with your evaluation account, your end-of-day balance must be greater than the target set for your chosen account. For instance, if your account holds $50,000 and the target is $2,500, your balance should exceed $52,501, including trading fees.

Balance drawdown is updated exclusively at the close of the trading day (4:00 pm EST). It represents the transactions carried out over the course of the day. Should you hit the loss limit within a day, your account will be deactivated.

The Static Drawdown Reduction feature is exclusively available to LeseUp Membership users. To access this feature, please purchase the Membership prior to your Trial Account to automatically enable Static Drawdown Reduction. If you don't follow these steps, the Balance Reduction will be applied dynamically, fluctuating based on the maximum end-of-day balance.

IMPORTANT: Once you achieve your Evaluation Account goal, please halt all trading activities and submit a TICKET to the Help Desk with the title “Goal Achieved”. Your request will be addressed within the next 24 business hours.

Understanding these rules and features can help you leverage the advantages of LeseUp's Evaluation Accounts and enhance your trading strategy.

LeseUp Trading provides trading services to over 100 countries worldwide. However, some countries are currently excluded due to regulations, risk factors, service quality limitations, and payment restrictions. Excluded countries may face sanctions, have higher fraud potential, or present language barriers.

LeseUp aims to expand services globally in the future by growing service and training capabilities and hiring multilingual staff. But for now, some countries remain restricted, often due to payment provider limitations.

Despite exclusions, LeseUp seeks to foster a diverse trading community. We are committed to improving services to eventually make our programs available worldwide. Please reach out with any questions about our global availability.

Based on the data given in the article provided, below is a table with the country list spread across four columns.

Here's the list of countries mentioned on the page, sorted in alphabetical order and distributed across four columns:

AlgeriaBeninCôte D'IvoireHaiti
BahrainBurkina FasoIranIraq
Central African RepublicChadKazakhstanKenya
MozambiqueNamibiaNepalNew Caledonia
PakistanQatarRepublic of MoldovaRepublic of the Congo
ReunionRussiaRwandaSaint Pierre and Miquelon
Saudi ArabiaSenegalSerbiaSomalia
South AfricaSri LankaTanzaniaThailand
TogoTrinidad and TobagoTunisiaTurkey
VietnamWestern SaharaZambia 

Perfomance Accounts & Rules

Have you successfully navigated your Evaluation Account and are now prepared to commence with your Performance Account? Here are the key points you need to remember:

Consistency rules for PA performance accounts?

There are no consistency rules for our Evaluation Accounts.
For our PA Performance Accounts, we are not looking for lucky traders, unforeseen or those who are trying to “game the system”, we are not looking to fund and pay traders who are seeking to implement “withdrawal strategies” to work the system in meeting the minimum days or those who are trying to defraud or scam LeseUp Trading or the funding companies by any means, we are looking for Traders who have a trading system, not a retirement system or a quick get-rich scheme, which unnecessarily jeopardize the funding companies.
At LeseUp Trading we are looking to partner with Traders who are looking to trade a consistent plan and who can grow their accounts steadily, the system is designed to carry a long-term relationship of consistency and continuous growth for both parties.
LeseUp Trading, is looking for Traders with an established, disciplined, and consistent Trading System. A trading system consists of exact established rules for total operations, initial stops, profit-taking, tracking methods, and exits. Traders who have a system, discipline, consistency, and follow a trading plan day by day. It is not erratic, does not aim for lucky trades, and does not risk the funds of the funding companies without a system and good risk management behind. Do not change and jump from strategy to strategy without direction.
At LeseUp Trading we are looking for Traders who trade a consistent plan with a consistent size and who can grow their account steadily. We are not looking for Traders who have massive big days, and then hardly trade or try to “flip contracts” just to accumulate days and reach a withdrawal. This is a “withdrawal strategy”, not a trading strategy. That is why we also have the 30% profit rule and the 20% flipping rule, as detailed in this article.
The Trader must understand that, LeseUp Trading is looking to “fund and pay” Traders who follow a consistent trading plan in size, stops, and objectives. This means NOT TRADING maximum contracts or larger than usual in a trade, looking for “UNEXPECTED PROFITS” while trading micros the rest of the time, or changing contracts just to show a “trading day”, not constantly changing sizes, not averaging the dollar cost when the market goes against them, not making high-frequency trades and is consistent with the trading plan, including their entries, stops and profit-taking. Trader funding and performance paid are designed to be a long-term relationship of consistency and constant growth for both parties. LeseUp Trading and the funding companies, are looking to fund Traders and not gamblers. At the time of the withdrawal request, the balance in the account cannot be more than 30% of the single trading day profit balance. This is in place to discourage this type of erratic, unexpected, high-risk, all-in style trading and encourage long-term consistency. If the profit balance is over 30% on a single day of trades, no problem, very simple, just continue trading consistently with your daily trading plan until that % is no longer the case and request it on the next available payout date.
NOTE: The 30% rule is NOT a strict and generalized rule. This is meant to combat schemes, get-rich-quick withdrawal strategies, unexpected erratic lucky trading attempts, and to encourage the consistency of following a system. This rule is not designed to hinder a Trader with a consistent trading history who had a big day and caught a runner while following their system. Traders who are consistent in following a strategy often will catch runners and have big days. We wish and encourage this. This rule applies to unexpected profit Traders and flippers, NOT to consistent Traders who caught a runner. Consistent Traders who follow exact and established rules of entry and tracking are far more likely to catch runners and have big days compared to erratic unexpected Traders who jump from one to another in search of an unexpected profit. There is a big difference. We support consistent Traders who have big days, this following a system. We do NOT want unexpected Traders or flippers, the 30% rule is in effect for this type of trading and will be sanctioned in accordance with the Agreement.
LeseUp Trading, is NOT looking for Traders who take big risks with the funds of the funding companies in order to have a big lucky day, then stop trading or change only to pass the trading days for a withdrawal. This is NOT the purpose of a Trader Funding or a partnership that we are looking for. Putting at risk the funds of the funding companies for potential unexpected profits is a risk tolerance that IS NOT ACCEPTABLE to LeseUp Trading.

Some Traders blow many accounts just in an attempt to risk it all and “win big” and then run. Deliberately and irresponsibly blowing several LeseUp Trading accounts in an attempt to get an unexpected “lottery style” profit is not the purpose or intention of Trader funding. You would also not want your funds to be traded this way, if you were funding a Trader yourself, very simple.

We are looking for CONSISTENT AND DISCIPLINED Traders who have a real trading system, not a “bet it all and hope to get lucky” system. Traders must have a defined strategy or system that has established rules for entry, stops, objectives, tracking, and use these rules consistently and with discipline. Trade a normal day-to-day system that is set up, tracked, and explained on request. News trading, chasing the market, taking advantage of system-less breakouts, open in the morning, any attempt at “unexpected profits” without following a strict, established and systematic trading strategy that is normally traded day by day on the account and any amount accumulated during prohibited hours or transactions, will have the ACCOUNT DELETED as described in the Agreement signed with LeseUp Trading.
Traders who are looking for unexpected trades or to quickly accumulate funds and have a history of constantly spending accounts and company funds may be restricted in the future from having more PA accounts or limited to a number of PA accounts until consistent consistency is shown. Traders who are constantly seeking unexpected profits and PA accounts that “blow” instead of following disciplined and consistent trading systems do not create a “consistent relationship and constant growth for both parties”, as previously indicated.
LeseUp Trading only seeks Traders who use a real consistent trading system or strategy. It is not a “withdrawal strategy”, an unexpected profit strategy, a news strategy, a group strategy, or any other strategy that tries to risk the funds of LeseUp Trading and the Financing Companies outside of a day-to-day consistent proven strategy. Having a big trading day/days, then just flipping the contracts in an attempt to meet the minimum required days to request a withdrawal is prohibited and will result in a DENIAL OF THE PAYMENT REQUEST until consistency is shown. A Trader cannot have more than 20% of trading days that could be defined as flipping of any kind. LeseUp Trading is looking for consistent trading systems, day to day, not erratic trading, jumping from one system to another.
PA Performance accounts must be traded by the actual person listed on the account and the PA Agreement, not by any other party or person.
Automation: AI, Auto Bots, Algos, Trading Bots or fully automated software, HFT or any other automated trading is NOT ALLOWED on PA performance accounts. The use of “Semi Automated” software can be used with the full control of the Trader and the physical presence at all times. This means that the Trader must be present, observing the trades, observing and managing the entries and settings in a semi-automated software that helps in placing a trade based on a set of rules that the Trader is monitoring and adjusting the software manual and physically market movements, long, short, pauses, news awareness, market conditions, etc. Fully understand THE RULES of the system, entries, stops, profit-taking, trails, and manually adjust for these as monitoring each one and the market overall. Semi-automation is only there to assist in entry speed, in no way be a fully automated trading system. For example, Markers Plus for Ninjatrader 8. Any type of hands-free, set and forget, set and walk away, trade continuously all day and night, any kind of fully automated trading bot or software, algo, HFT, system, any other type of automation like this is STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND WILL RESULT IN THE CLOSURE OF THE PA PERFORMANCE ACCOUNT and the loss of all funds and balances.
News Trading: It is strictly prohibited to trade news in any way or form of any kind, directional or strangled, riding the initial “burst” of news, entering just before or after the news to ride a potential wave. Traders can only trade their normal daily system during news hours and enter according to the standard entry rules that are used every two normal trading days. trading the system. Seeking big unexpected profits, lucky trades, news trades, straddles, strangled, risking the complete account, exchanging contracts, going through multiple PA Performance Accounts in a short time looking for a big unexpected profit, using a withdrawal strategy or accumulating a number of days flipping, or any other trading that does not specifically comply with the above guidelines regarding a consistent trading plan are in direct violation of the PA Performance Accounts Agreement and are disqualified transactions / trading days that can be removed from your PA Performance Account Balance. The Trader can never be long in one account and short in another account at the same time. This applies to their own personal accounts or in conjunction with other Traders or individual or business teams. Any group or partner scheme will result in the complete closure and loss of both parties' accounts and a ban from the website, tools, and LeseUp Trading programs. This applies to their own personal accounts or in conjunction with other Traders. Any group or partner scheme will result in the complete closure and loss of both parties' accounts and a ban from the website, tools, and LeseUp Trading programs. This applies to their own personal accounts or in conjunction with other Traders. Any group or partner scheme will result in the complete closure and loss of both parties' accounts and a ban from the website, tools, and LeseUp Trading programs.
Trading Days: Do not use 1 micro and only trade for a few seconds to “count” for a day on your performance account. This system WILL NOT COUNT as a traded day during the review of your payment application. (Understand the spirit of this rule) We verify each and every one of the operations at the time of payments to see if the operators are behaving in this way). This does NOT mean that you cannot trade micros, it means that you cannot just take a quick trade to get a day to count. In the same way it is clarified that, if you were trading NQ you cannot then use MNQ just to enter and exit, you must use the same scheme with which you were operating.
Simultaneously Funded Accounts: Traders may have a maximum of two funding accounts simultaneously, in case of having more approved evaluation accounts, these will be on a compass of waiting and will be able to activate them in the case of blowing one of the accounts that it operates simultaneously, so it will not have to do the evaluation test again.
Swing Trade: The Trader will not perform any “Swing Trade”. LeseUp will
automatically close any account if The Trader violates the condition
established for their account.

Overnight: The Trader is prohibited from performing “Overnight”, he must necessarily close his positions just before the markets close the weekend and the daily market closing pause.

Violation of Rules in Funded Accounts: If you violate your funded account, for any reason described above in our rules, knowledge center, or Commercial Agreement, you are NOT eligible for any profit split, payment, or refund.
The Trader agrees to follow the CODE OF CONDUCT of LeseUp Trading as described in the FAQs section and treat all staff, contractors, other Traders and third parties with respect and professionalism. As well as maintain and conduct themselves and LeseUp Trading in a professional and positive manner at all times, including groups, social networks, trading rooms, and any other environment. If Traders accidentally or intentionally cancel, the Trader understands that there is no way to reactivate the account for any reason and will have to start a new evaluation account.

As a trader with a Performance Account, you'll have the flexibility to choose from several payment options. Here are the details for different account sizes:


Performance AccountsMonthly PaymentSingle Payment
$25,000 Account$50$120
$50,000 Account$50$120
$100,000 Account$80$200

These payment options provide you with the flexibility to manage your account based on your trading frequency, trading strategy, and financial situation.

Remember, maintaining an active Performance Account is crucial for your continued success with LeseUp. The better you can manage your account, the better your performance and potential profit will be.

Note: For any queries or issues, always feel free to reach out to LeseUp's support team. They are there to assist you and ensure you have a seamless trading experience.

Trading the Performance Account

  • Account Initialization: Once your “Performance Account” is activated, the balance will be reset to the initial balance of the Evaluation Account you have been trading with.
  • Minimum Trading Days: You must trade for a minimum of 20 trading days. Non-trading days are not counted towards this total.
  • Threshold: The “Threshold” refers to the minimum balance that must be maintained in order to be eligible to withdraw profits. For instance, if you have a $50,000 account, the account goal is $2,500 plus an additional $100.
  • Threshold Requirement: You must reach the threshold specified for each Evaluation Account plus $100. For instance, if you have a $50,000 account, the total amount including the threshold and extra $100 would be $52,600. Once the threshold is met, profits can be withdrawn according to the “Fund Withdrawal” scale set out in the agreement.

For all activated accounts, the Balance Drawdown is Hybrid. This means that until the Threshold is reached, the Balance Drawdown is dynamic, shifting according to the maximum account balance at the end of the trading day. Once the Threshold is met, the Balance Drawdown becomes static at the Threshold value. For example, in a $50,000 account, the Balance Drawdown starts at $47,500 and fluctuates based on the maximum closing balance each day. When the Balance Drawdown reaches $50,100, it becomes static.

Traders must keep their performance account active. All accounts will be monitored in accordance with the terms set out in the agreement. Inactivity may lead to account closure or penalties, as per the agreement.

Remember, it's important to trade responsibly and in accordance with the rules of the platform. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact LeseUp's support team.

LeseUp's Withdrawal Process

LeseUp has a flexible approach to profit withdrawals, with details provided in the contract. Please remember that to be eligible for a withdrawal, you must first reach the Threshold mentioned earlier and meet the minimum trading days required.

The withdrawal structure for Performance Accounts is as follows for the initial four months:

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Months:

  • Fixed withdrawal of $1,000: This can be done once per month (the full amount goes to the trader except for any transfer fees or bank charges).
  • Individual withdrawals of $500: This can be done twice per month (the full amount goes to the trader except for any transfer fees or bank charges).
  • Flexible withdrawals of $200: You can make as many of these as you like during the month, but only 50% goes to the trader. For example, if you withdraw $200, you will receive $100, and LeseUp will retain $100 (the trader receives the full amount minus any transfer fees or bank charges).

4th Month:

  • Fixed withdrawal of $1,250: This can be done once per month (the full amount goes to the trader except for any transfer fees or bank charges).
  • Individual withdrawals of $625: This can be done twice per month (the full amount goes to the trader except for any transfer fees or bank charges).
  • Flexible withdrawals of $500: You can make as many of these as you like during the month, but only 50% goes to the trader. For example, if you withdraw $500, you will receive $250, and LeseUp will retain $250 (the trader receives the full amount minus any transfer fees or bank charges).

From the 5th Month Onwards:
After the 5th month, you can withdraw any amount you like, as long as you maintain the established Threshold.

Requesting a Withdrawal

To request a withdrawal, you need to submit a ticket in the Help Desk with the subject “Performance Benefits Payment”. This will be processed within the next 24 business hours. After requesting a withdrawal, do not trade until you receive a confirmation that your balance has been adjusted.

Payment Methods

You can receive your withdrawal through International Transfers for amounts equal to or greater than $2,000, or PayPal for amounts less than $2,000.

Please remember that these are general guidelines and individual circumstances may vary. Always refer to the specific terms of your contract and contact LeseUp's support team if you have any questions.

Billing Information

If you have successfully passed your evaluation (reached the target profit and traded for a minimum of 10 days) but are due for a monthly charge the next day, you should immediately stop all trading activities and submit a ticket to the Help Desk titled “Goal Achieved”. This will be processed within 24 business hours. LeseUp will validate your passed evaluation and, if confirmed, will cancel your impending monthly charge. If the charge was already made, they can reverse it, as long as it is confirmed that the account actually passed one day earlier. However, if the charge occurs on the same day as your evaluation pass, a refund cannot be processed. Remember that a trading day runs from 6 PM one day to 4:59 PM the next day.

No, you cannot use someone else's card. All fees, including those for evaluation accounts, performance accounts, performance account resets, LeseUp membership, and any other services offered by LeseUp, must be paid using your own card.

The balance is not reset for any reason on evaluation accounts. If you failed your account before the expiration of the month, do not forget to cancel it to avoid further charges

The 30-day billing cycle is automatically renewed every 29 days regardless of the account status, until you decide to cancel or upgrade your account

If you have a coupon code, you must enter it at the checkout stage. Also, ensure that your price reflects the coupon discount before completing the order. Discounts, refunds, adjustments, or changes to coupon usage cannot be made after the order has been placed. If you forget to use a coupon, it cannot be adjusted, exchanged, or charged in any way post-transaction. Any coupon discount can only.

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