LeseUp Membership

Looking for premium Services? LeseUp Membership is just what you need! Our Membership offers a unique experience per user and comes with a range of benefits. With LeseUp, you don't need to purchase multiple Memberships for different accounts. You can make use of all the advantages as many times as you want with just one Membership purchase.

To enjoy the advantages of LeseUp Membership, you can generate a Help Desk Ticket after you've subscribed. Just specify the product you need, and we'll answer your request within the same day.

Please note that you must first subscribe to LeseUp Membership and buy its Evaluation Accounts to access the advantages. Don't wait any longer – subscribe to LeseUp Membership today!

Static Drawdown

Looking to optimize your trading strategy? Buy your membership today and automatically enjoy the static drawdown in the evaluation accounts you acquire. Keep in mind that if you already have an account in progress, you will not be eligible for this benefit.

Make the most of your investment with our membership benefits. Subscribe now to unlock your access to exclusive features!.

Additional Accounts

Looking for great savings? With your main account active, you can enjoy the exclusive benefit of acquiring additional accounts at an 80% discount for life. This discount is applied to each account separately, and you don't need to wait for special offers – you can get your discount throughout the entire month.

Take advantage of this amazing offer today and enjoy huge savings! Subscribe now to unlock this and other exclusive benefits.

LeseUp Packages

Are you exploring a variety of strategies? Our “LeseUp Package” offers you the opportunity to have up to 5 accounts in one (or more, depending on the promotion), allowing you to leverage all your options to qualify for a Performance Account. It's important to note that the package is valid for only 30 days and does not renew automatically. Additionally, only one evaluation account can qualify for a Performance Account.

Performance Accounts Reset

Lost your Performance Account due to a bad moment? Don't worry! With our Account Reset feature, you don't need to go through the evaluation process again. You can start fresh and continue pursuing your trading goals.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer and get back on track towards achieving your trading objectives. Subscribe now to unlock this and other amazing benefits!

Generate and Accumulate Points

With each account purchase or membership, you earn 10 points that are accumulated and visible in the “My Account” panel. Once you accumulate 100 points, you can redeem them for any of our products.

Take advantage of our loyalty program and start earning rewards for your purchases and subscriptions. Subscribe now to unlock this and other exclusive benefits!

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